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Greater Noida Nursery school

This school was started for the children of the construction labourers in Greater Noida. Currently there are 100 students and 3 teachers. Due to need for better facilities and to offer services to more children of the surrounding villages the construction for a new school building was started in 2002 and is opening in the new school year. The school is serving as a model for holistic education and will also organize teachers trainings and seminars.

The children coming from impoverished backgrounds are provide one meal everyday. Regularly the school is providing medical check ups for the children as well as dental camps.

For the parents the school organizes classes on different topics, such as importance of education for their children and medical and nutrition information.

In the evenings skill courses such as sewing, typing, embroidery and beauty care for poor women will be given to make them economically self-sufficient.

Old school building

New school building under construction

Children following classes

Providing meals for the students


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