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About Us

Nari Abhyudaya has been established in 1998 as an umbrella organization in support of services and projects carried out for the welfare of women and children for the past 40 years in different parts of India.


Nari Abhyudaya funds projects managed by women who work towards personal and social development. We strive to promote social, educational, economic and spiritual programmes which benefit women, girls and children directly and the family and community at large.


Nari Abhyudaya works for the upliftment and empowerment of women – economically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. We stand for the integral development of women regardless of race, beliefs, or social and political status. We aim to support those who work towards the creation of a better world for women and children, where they can be free from exploitation on all levels.

We encourage personal self development and service to all.

Scope of activity

  • Training in self-sufficient project management
  • Financial support for projects such:
    • Kindergartens
    • Schools
    • Literacy projects
    • Homes for children
    • Charitable health and medical services
    • Income generating activities for underprivileged women
    • Training and education of women and children


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