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"The auspicious signs of the awakening of women are clearly visible in every sphere of social life." -- Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar in Equal Rights for Men and Women

The women's struggle for rights has a long history. The last three decades, especially, have brought these issues to the forefront of social consciousness. All over the world women are awakening. No longer are they willing to remain silent in the face of oppression. They are finding their voices and the strength to fight to reclaim their dignity and sanctity in society. Men, too, are realizing the importance of women's long-overdue awakening if society is to progress to its next evolutionary phase.

In many parts of the world, women are still under the yoke of exploitation. They have been rendered helpless by hundreds of years of imposed ignorance, superstition and inferiority complexes. The opportunists who have taken advantage of women fail to realize that by paralyzing women's minds, the whole society becomes crippled.

Now, for society to move forward, women must regain their self-confidence and take their rightful place in society. Men also must take an active role in this process.

“We [society] are not as developed as we should be. Why? One of the reasons is that we have kept women confined within the walls of their homes, resulting in the progress of only fifty percent of the population -- the males. And as only the men are progressing, they will have to carry the load of fifty percent of the population. Thus the speed of progress is reduced. Ideally, women should also move with their own strength and with the same speed as their male counterparts. In the process of movement, if they feel pain in their legs, if they fall on their faces, they should be physically lifted up.The fact is that we must move together in unison with all." -- Shrii P. R. Sarkar Two Wings in the Importance of Society

To express all their potentialities in the mundane, psychic and in order for the emancipation of women to take place in the social sphere and spiritual spheres the steps necessary are two points:

    Women must become educated
    Women must become economically self-reliant

Through education, women will become free from the superstitions and dogmas that have been imposed on them. They will learn how to take care of their bodies, of their minds. They will learn the hidden history of women's contribution to society. They will gain not only intellectual wealth, but the necessary self-confidence to employ that wealth for the benefit of society.

When women gain economic independence from men, they will also win back respect. Dowry and other social ills will die natural deaths. As women gain economic self-reliance, they will gain a voice in the household as well as in the society-at-large.


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